Always prefer service apartments to hotels when you are traveling

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Traveling is an inseparable part of professional life. Whether you are a business owner, corporate manager, sales professional or commercial artist; there are situations when you need to stay away from family for a few days, months or weeks.

When travel is inevitable, at least you can try to make it comfy and cozy. Some people have a tremendous fascination of staying in luxurious hotels. Yes, it is quite interesting indeed but becomes highly monotonous and boring when you stay frequently. There you find luxury, comfort, and style but an important part is always missing; the homely touch!

A neatly managed service apartments in Mumbai, on the other hand, offers excellent accommodation that gives you the comfort of home.

What should you consider while booking a service apartment?

When people need to travel Mumbai frequently, they prefer service apartments instead of hotels. The reason is; service apartments are cost effective, cozy and are conveniently located. For example, an IT professional who travels to Powai or Andheri every six months prefers staying in Service apartments in Powai Mumbai instead of any remotely located hotel. He saves his time and efforts by staying near to the work location.

Similarly, service apartments in Vikhroli Mumbai are very much convenient to the people who need to travel Fort area or Thane. The accommodations are centrally located, and therefore, convenient to all.

Three reasons that differentiate service apartments and hotels

When you choose service apartments in Mumbai instead of a hotel, it is the right decision. Particularly, when you are required to stay there for longer period, it is the only appropriate choice.

  • Homely environment: You always get a better environment that closely resembles your home. Since service apartments are residential properties, you feel much comfortable there. It gives a feeling of staying in a home.

  • Homely food: You get food cooked by care taker which is as good as homely food, very hygienic, healthy, nutritious and yet tasty.

  • Better safety and security: Service apartments are safe and secure than hotels because they are in residential buildings. There is round-the-clock surveillance and security.

When you are required to stay in Mumbai for a longer duration, say one month or three months or six months; then service apartment is the most value for money solution. You get all the facilities that a reasonably good hotel can offer yet at affordable cost. In addition to that, staying in the guest house Mumbai gives quite a homely feeling.

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