Service apartments emerge as better alternate accommodations than hotels

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Whether you are an employee or HR manager, nowadays you prefer a service apartment instead of a hotel. Why is there such a popularity of it in the recent years? Why do like these fully-furnished apartments even if they don’t claim to substitute a hotel? The reason is simple; you want an accommodation which is homely, comfortable and secure. Surprisingly, service apartments fulfill all these criteria. Above all, they are affordable as compared to hotels. It is quite obvious that organizations sign deals with service apartment providers on a long-term basis. It ensures good deals and guaranteed accommodation.

The biggest pull is safety

Well, service apartments are always in secure, guarded residential premises. There are multiple levels of security such as card swipe, manual recording of information in registers or password-based access control. Hence, they are very safe. Nowadays, modern apartments and residential premises are under round-the-clock CCTV monitoring. Therefore, it is possible to record every movement of people. These security and safety measures establish a great faith in the minds of employees.

Since the service apartments are in residential complexes or apartments, they are not sensitive or targeted structure from security perspective. Hence, corporate houses and business associates prefer staying in corporate accommodation / service apartment rather than in hotels. The concept has been quite popular in other countries from quite some time now, and its gains popularity in India in recent days.

Who are the target customers?

Service apartments are preferred by the whole range of employees; from high-profile corporate executives to sales managers and Educationalists to Doctors. Applicability and popularity of these accommodations spreads across domains. Today, there is a great demand for service apartments in all industries. Thus, it is a flourishing business.

Since there has been a great increase in the number of people traveling because of professional reasons, the ratio of demand versus supply is always a concern and as the popularity of requirement of Service Apartments are increasing, demand is even higher. Today very few reputed hospitality services companies available in the marketplace. These hospitality companies are the preferred partners of the corporates to provide accommodation as per their employees need.

It is a fun staying in a service apartment

Since the structure and environment are informal, people intermingle and interact with each other. Employees/ Guests do not feel lonely or isolated even if the stay for longer. They spend good, productive time together after the busy work schedule. They get a homely atmosphere and friendly environment to stay for longer.

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