Whether you stay long-term or short-term, service apartments are the best

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Are you an entrepreneur who needs to travel length and breadth of the country for business reasons? Or you are a high-profile Business Manager in some renowned company? Or you are a frequent traveler who always travels to new places? In all situations, staying in well-furnished service apartments is always the best option.

When you are travelling to Mumbai repeatedly, it is furthermore good to stay in service apartments. Mumbai is a place where hotels are always crowded, and they are costly too. In such situation, staying in corporate apartments Mumbai is a cost-effective solution. Service apartments are always located near corporate offices and business centers. Therefore, you save lot of time in commuting as well.

What should you consider while booking a service apartment?

As you have a plethora of service apartments in Mumbai, it is pivotal to look into the facilities offered in return of the money you pay. Some points are differentiating factors while you make the selection:


When you stay in the service apartment, make sure it is located in a convenient place. The ambiance and surroundings are also equally important. For example, when you hire service apartments in Vikhroli Mumbai; make sure it is not situated close to the industrial area. Pollution in the nearby area is pretty high. You need to enquire about it before you book the same. The best thing is, hire a service apartment by consulting your friends, colleagues or HR Manager/ Admin Manager or you can simply visit few of the websites like


Though you are supposed to live for a few days or week in the service apartment, space always matters. A small and congested room not only suffocates but also makes you frustrated. Well-illuminated, spacious rooms keep you fresh and cheerful. Color combination, interior, and basic facilities should also be up to the mark. In general, expat accommodation Mumbai is properly maintained but you should get the confirmation about the quality beforehand.

Price package

At the end of the day, profitability is what you always look for. Hence, talk to the authorities about the price package. If the service apartment is booked by your office, then you needn’t worry about pricing. It must be a corporate deal between the service apartment provider and your organization. If you are booking it personally, then you should check the value for money instead only best price and ignore quality and barging accordingly.

The simple tips make service apartments further economic, comfortable and convenient.

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