Need for good service apartment rises as people are reluctant staying in hotels

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There has been a great change in the working culture in the recent years. As the competition becomes further tough, employees have to be on the toes for better performance. However, management also understands the need of providing the best comfort and facilities to their employees.

As the need for visiting other business locations for official purpose increases, employees have to spend several days at outstation locations away from their families. Staying in a hotel is fascinating initially, but it becomes incredibly frustrating after some time. Employees prefer service apartments/ corporate accommodation nowadays because they are cozy, homely and peaceful. Veridical hospitality is a reputed name in the niche for posh, self-contained service apartments at convenient locations in Mumbai.

The future is exciting

If you ask HR Managers, then they substantiate the fact that employees are reluctant in staying hotels nowadays even if the property is posh and lavish. Since it becomes monotonous and boring after some time, they prefer checking into at a well-maintained service apartment.

There is a good supply of well-built properties in the market. As the future looks quite lucrative, big names in the field of hospitality are coming out with service apartments/ corporate accommodations. The penetration is not limited to the primary markets of big business cities and metro; it reaches up to the secondary market and tertiary market, i.e. B and C grade cities.

IT, Banking, BPO, KPO, FMCG and Service Industries such as Telecom etc are the biggest customers. These industries have work locations spread across the country, and the employees have to visit other offices quite frequently.

Mumbai is the number one market

Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai is obviously the number one location as far as the demand of service apartment/ corporate accommodation is concerned. Though they are spread across the city, you can have good quality service apartments in one of the prime business hub, Powai Mumbai. It is a location in proximity to several corporate offices. Hence, there is an uninterrupted flow of customers.

When people go to Mumbai on official assignment, they prefer staying close to the work location because they don’t want to get into the hassles of traveling in the public transportation. Therefore, they book service apartments/ corporate accommodations in Mumbai that are conveniently located.

Very few in Powai, Mumbai unlike Veridical Hospitality has several accommodations at the strategic locations in Powai. In spite of these apartments being exclusively maintained and lavish with services matching any star hotels, Veridical Hospitality offers rates, which are quite reasonable. It is the reason; they have more than 90 percent year-round occupancy.

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