Spacious 2 & 3 BHK

foodDiscover a World of Exclusivity The warmth and comfort you will accustom at Veridical Hospitality Serviced Apartments, is now accompanied with the wonderful rewards of a world unlike any other, yet familiar in a captivating way. Veridical Hospitality is an exclusive guest recognition programme specially designed to complement your travel and living lifestyles with a host of exceptional member privileges as a gesture.Veridical hospitality which is situated in the hearts of Powai has a very peaceful and pleasent atmosphere all around with addition Veridical Hospitality’s apartments open the doors to luxuries, Our apartments varies in range and space's 2BHK/3BHK it will differ as per your choice or need of space in a apartment. Veridical Hospitality’s apartments open the doors to luxuries – from air­conditioned bedrooms to well­equipped kitchenettes. We have Wi­Fi internet access and all our serviced residences are professionally maintained and served by a round­the­clock attendant. We also offer a range of services that include housekeeping, laundry and kitchen services that make everyday living exceedingly comfortable in match with any Star Hotels .

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